Sesame Street on YouTube

Last week I saw Waxy’s link to one particular YouTube user who had put up a bunch of Sesame Street clips – 59 in total. I made a note to mention it here, but I’m lazy. Deal.

Then I got an email from RSL over at Ostacons pointing to a foldedspace post cataloging over a hundred Sesame Street video clips on YouTube, including most of those posted by the aforementioned YouTube user. It represents an amazing amount of effort on the part of the particular blogger involved and the people who uploaded all that video. More coverage on MeFi and TV Squad.

Rather than link to all the same videos or post a ton of videos directly to this site (which I do far too often anyway, considering my RSS/APWBWGTTD audience), I’m counting on everyone to play nice and visit the sites I linked in the paragraphs above. And, as noted on several of those sites, don’t plan on getting anything done the rest of day because you’ll be too engrossed with Sesame Street.

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Productivity 0


One thought on “Sesame Street on YouTube

  1. Pamer says:

    god i love this post. Those classic SStreet clips had me cruising down memory lane.


    I am wondering if you or anyone knows that skit they did with the rock and roll guy who can’t find the exit and he’s trapped in the room all by himself and he’s freaking out… just wondering

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