Net Neutrality: Save the Internet

Ok, so I’m not the most eloquent speaker or writer so I’m not going to bog down this post with my own meandering editorial.

Suffice it to say that major broadband connectivity providers, mostly ISPs like your local cable and phone company who provide high speed internet access, are set to hobble the internet.

We need rules – legislative, consumer-driven, net-friendly rules – that keep the internet from turning into a fiefdom of service providers who push their own branded services and partners to the detriment of their rivals.

In essence, we need to keep the internet open to competition.

I’m talking to much.

Read these:

Also, check out this informational video on the subject [Via MyDD]:

Long story short (too late): take some action to ensure that the internet isn’t ruined by corporate interests.


Here’s what I wrote on the Save the Internet action page. It was automatically sent to my Senators and Representative.

Congress must preserve a free and open Internet. Please vote for enforceable network neutrality and keep tollbooths, gatekeepers, and discrimination off my Internet.

Please act immediately to save the Internet.

The efforts you take today to ensure that the internet remains an open and innovative space – a fertile ground for competition, free spech, and entertainment – is vital to all the best traditions of our great nation.

Please don’t allow private interests to destroy something so unique, powerful and revolutionary to suit their needs.

We need to treat internet access just as we do phone access. No one gets to play favorites among the carriers.

Thank you for your time.

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