My Lost Desktop

So tonight’s episode of Lost is a recap in preparation for the final May sweeps surge of four new episodes.

Since I don’t feel like deconstructing events I’ve already blogged, I took a screengrab of my home PC’s desktop all pimped out with Lost kitsch.

My Lost Desktop

  • The wallpaper is direct from ABC.
  • The tune-in (Tuesday at 8/7c and completely obscured by the taskbar) is from last year, but it’s an “official” wallpaper so I took the easy way out.

  • The icon set I’m using is fan-made and it’s very cool.
  • He’s got some other great icon sets. Check ’em out.

  • The topmost floating widget is the LOST Repeat Checker
  • Tonight’s episode is both a repeat and a new episode, albeit a recap episode, so I think it’s fairly accurate to display the answer “NO” to the question “Is this week’s episode of LOST a new one?”. Maybe a rewording of the question or a better status indicator (New, Repeat, Recap) is in order.

  • The floating hatch countdown, terminal and “execute” button are all one widget: Lost
  • You can’t enter the “numbers” until the countdown reaches 4 minutes and the clock doesn’t tick over seconds, but this is a pretty clever and fun little widget.

I really don’t actually work from my desktop very much and only recently got rid of all the clutter, but I like to make my electronic workspace my own.

You can get all the links and descriptions above on Flickr as well. God bless Flickr’s note system.


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