NFL Draft News: Jason Hall

I’m no fan of the football program at the University of Tennessee seeing as I’m a UGA grad (Go Dawgs!), but I can appreciate talent when I see it. Jason Hall is/has that talent.

I work with Jason’s older sister Lori and I’m happy and excited to impart this piece of news from her: Jason is a Priority Free Agent with the Buffalo Bills!

Full email below:

After a long NFL draft weekend, my brother, Jason Hall, has chosen to go with the Buffalo Bills as a priority free agent! Although he didn’t get drafted, as soon as the draft entered its last minutes, our phone began ringing off the hook with teams calling to persuade him to go with them as a free agent. Some of the teams included: Philly, Carolina, Dallas (extrememly strong interest), NY Giants, and others.

He chose the Buffalo Bills because strategically it was the best place for him. Buffalo currently has 3 strong Defensive Ends, and they need a 4th. They didn’t take any Defensive Ends in the draft because they needed other positions to be secured first. Jason is their only priority free agent, but there are 2 other regular free agents that will be going to camp. This is great for Jason!

So, the Bills are flying Jason up to New York on Thursday for rookie camp for 3 days, then he comes back to Tennessee to graduate Mother’s Day weekend. After that, he’ll start preseason camp. Then we just wait until preseason starts to see him show his stuff!

Thanks for all of your support, guys! It means a lot to me and to Jason. Just keep rooting for him and keep him in your thoughts as he enters the next phase of his NFL training.



So congratulations to Jason Hall on becoming (hopefully) a member of the Buffalo Bills this Fall.

Lori has been so consistent in her support and joy for her brother’s accomplishments it’s hard not to appreciate his talent and root for his success (just not against my Dawgs).

Good luck in the NFL, Jason!

9 thoughts on “NFL Draft News: Jason Hall

  1. cozzmo says:

    i am a bills fan, and i am really excited that jason is coming to buffalo, they have had more undrafted free agents make the team in the last 5 years then any other teams. i had a chance to see jason play in 3 games last year and i was hoping we would sign him with one of our 7th round picks. they really need a 4th linebacker and i really thank jason could be that guy. congratulations jason ang good luck

  2. Nate says:

    well im a cowboys fan and im about as dissapointed as i can be that hes not coming here. i played ball with him at mccallie and i figured this could be a good spot for him, but i really just hope he finds a spot in the nfl and i know he’ll have an awesome career

  3. James says:

    Lori: what’s up with Jason? I saw him at alumni weekend at McCallie about a month ago, and he was still hoping to get picked up somewhere, even on a practice squad. We keep praying for him, but hadn’t heard. I watched him all his years at McCallie, and think he’s a terrific young man.

  4. Michael Procton says:

    Hey Seth…came across this post via a google search for Jason (who was a senior my freshman year at McCallie), and I have some new news to report. He’s joining MY Carolina Panthers! Unfortunately, we’re fairly deep/young at DE, but with Mike Rucker likely on the way out the door, there might just be a spot for him.

  5. Pallen says:

    Hello all…. My name is Pallen and I attended Rabun Gap with Jason back in middle school where we did not even have a football team, so it has been amazing to watch his growth in college ball and NFL Europe… Im also an avid Tennessee Fan so I was fortunate to be able to see him in action in his college days!! I can’t even express how proud I am for his MVP award… he deserves it!! I hope to see him playin ball for the Panthers this year and will definately be making trips to Charlotte to watch him play!!! Your in my prayers Jason!!! Good Luck!

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