Lost: Two For The Road

Holy shit what an episode! The densest, most eventful episode of Lost all season long.

This might take a while to get out, but here are my thoughts:

  • Revenge
  • In an episode full of Ana Lucia, both in the past and present, it’s good to find out what really fuels her character. I think the entire scenario of letting her attacker go free just so she can shoot him dead is pretty powerful stuff.

    It’s also interesting to note how much Ana loves power and authority, but doesn’t respect or listen to either one. Curious.

  • Henry Gale’s foreshadowing
  • Henry Gale’s choking rant to Ana Lucia included the line “You killed two of us! We were leaving you alone! You’re the killer!” I think it’s pretty clear that this statement could just as easily (now) be directed at Michael after his murder of Ana Lucia and Libby.

    I also think that if this statement of Henry’s is prescient, then his lie(?) to John about coming for him when he was captured by Rousseau could turn out to be a plot point before the end of the season.

  • Jack’s Dad & Ana Lucia’s Mom
  • Is anyone else as happy as I am to see Jack’s dad play such an integral role in the evolution of the storyline of this show and the entire Lost mythos?

    His smarmy, drunken come-on to Ana Lucia in the airport enlisting her (as Sarah) to be his protection in Sydney was awesome. I loved his speech about Fate and helping one another out. Sure, he ended up dead, but Ana Lucia was going to reconcile with her mother.

    I think her character was in a unique state of flux with her familial and romantic relationships that is unlike other Lostaways on the island, save perhaps Hurley.

    I’ll be interested to see if we see more of Jack’s Dad or Ana Lucia’s mother. It seems to me like they serve similar, if opposite, functions in the story of their respective families.

    Oh, and I really dug the line about parents and kids not working together. It does set up both families as kind of Yin and Yang.

  • Sex
  • Hallelujah for someone on the island actually copulating!

    As I told Jenn when we watched the episode, I thought it was clearly a ploy by Ana Lucia to get a gun from Sawyer (seeing as the asking and fighting were working out so well).

    Still, what is it with burgeoning romantic relationships and death? Sawyer gets lucky and Ana Lucia winds up dead. Hurley is in the midst of bumbling what looks like a sure thing and Libby buys it too.

  • Bad Twin
  • The manuscript turned real-life book (I think) comes back again. We all noticed.

  • Hanso Foundation
  • The fake ad – sponsored by ABC – ran in the last commercial break.

    I’ll have a full recap of the 877 number and their new website tomorrow (thanks to RSL for the tip), or tonight if I’m truly industrious.

  • Michael
  • Welcome back, killer. 😉

    I don’t understand the motivation for the killings, especially when the Lostaways had rallied (and Jack and Locke had bonded) over a full, frontal assault on the Others.

    I mean, I realize Michael hated Ana Lucia and that his love of Walt was strong, but it came at us so fast.

    And maybe that’s a good thing.

    I guess if you hadn’t seen the spoiler about the two graves, or the title threw you off, then it makes sense.

    Plus, who knows, the realization of an Other in the hatch, the availability of a gun being handed to you by someone you already dislike, and the opportunity to make a scapegoat out of that Other and a martyr out of yourself, might make me do the same thing.

    How should I know?

    GOOD TV!

Ok. It’s late and I need to research my next Lost post (coming soon to a browser or RSS reader near you) on the new Hanso Foundation stuff.


UPDATE: There are several folks, myselft now included, that think Libby might not be dead, just badly wounded. Read the comments.

I’ve talked myself into this position, but I could be talked out of it. Cynthia Watros is working on another show – as a guest star – so she still might not last long, but I feel like she isn’t quite dead yet.

UPDATE II: Here’s a link to the official site of Bad Twin author Gary Troup. The book within the show is available for sale on Amazon.

[Via MeFi]

I’ll be exploring the clues on this site and blogging the results as well.

UPDATE III: Wanna go farther down the rabbit hole? Amazon has a brief video interview with Gary Troup online where he mentions Enzo Valenzetti, who just happens to run the Valenzetti Foundation, complete with website.

Wild stuff! Keep on searching!

[Via ones and zeroes]

UPDATE IV: Yes, I’m aware that Gary Troup is an anagram for “Purgatory” which I read as yet another sly reference by the producers that the show won’t end with a reveal of the island as Purgatory.

Although I do think it’s a possibility that Gary Troup didn’t die in the crash and the others might be holding him captive, which is like purgatory. Just a thought.

13 thoughts on “Lost: Two For The Road

  1. Great episode!

    I wonder if Michael’s actions are some kind of deal he has worked out with the others to get Walt back? Free our guy, but make it look like he escaped and get your son.

    Anyway, can’t wait until next week.

  2. Coincidence that Michelle Rodruigez (Anna Lucia) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) were both caught drunk driving within hours of each other now got capped within seconds of each other?

    Dont drink n drive kids… Michael will cap ya ass!

  3. I imagine Michael’s acting against his best intentions for the sake of getting Walt. He’s probably being extorted by the Others. Likewise, I imagine that everything he said about the Others being poorly armed and worse off than the Survivors is, you know, a lie.

  4. Libby is not dead. You can read my full rant about this my most recent post on my site. I’m just saying it as many places as possible right now so that when I’m proven right… It’s documented. And if I’m proven wrong… I’ll have that much more humble pie to eat. Humble pie party at my house, kittens!

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around Michael’s motives though. Has he set Henry up as the killer and then freed him? Or, since we know there are two graves, does he kill Henry as well? [Since, you know, Libby isn’t dead and shouldn’t be buried alive in the other grave.] I can’t decide.

    But Libby is not dead, kittens.

  5. Cynthia’s “guest star” role doesn’t have to mean Libby’s dead. Since cast members go weeks without an on-screen appearance, Cynthia could potentially still do both roles.

  6. I’ll agree, RSL.

    I think it would definitely be more interesting if she lived and became very angry with Michael or went crazy again (if she isn’t already).

    Or maybe the events make Hurley crazy!

  7. I still think Libby’s not dead, but I was wrong about her going for the wine. It was Hurley. She is holding something in that blanket though. You can seek specific times in the ABC streaming video. 31 minutes is where she tells Hurley to get the wine, 41 minutes is where Michael shoots Libby in the blanket thingie.

  8. Annie says:

    The Fake commercial is on the abc.com site. Just go to the Videos menu and it is on the Top 5 Videos to watch lista little bit down from the top of the page. It is called “The Hanso Foundation”

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