The Hanso Foundation part 2

This is a follow-up post to the Hanso Foundation post I wrote early this morning.

Here are the first two “updates” via the Hanso Foundation website’s RSS Feed: relaunches

The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. re-launches with a new look. Sign up to the newsletter if you want to get updates.

And this one:

Joop the Orangutan’s 105th birthday

The Hanso Foundation Life-Extension Project celebrated a milestone in the 105th birthday of experimental subject 626. Experimental subject 626, known to Hanso Life Extension project researchers as “Joop,” is an orangutan originally harvested by British explorers in the early 1900s

More secrets revealed in updates to this post, especially Easter Eggs.

For starters, try signing up for the Hanso Foundation newsletter and see what happens (HINT: I used the “numbers” as my password).

UPDATE: As promised, here’s a shitty capture of the Hanso Foundation commercial on YouTube:

UPDATE II: In the comments and via ones and zeroes, if you put the password “breakingstrain” in the text box for the email updates sign-up, you’ll get this slowly typed across the far right of the screen:

last login:
Welcome to Dharma
PERSEPHONE: You are logged in now …
PERSEPHONE: Check it out and check back for updates
PERSEPHONE: Gotta go! See you later …
user PERSEPHONE logged out

The screen will flicker and the image of an orangutan (gibbon?, howler monkey?) will roar twice and then you’re back to where you started.

Putting in your username again elicits this typed response:

Welcome back!
Now new messages
bye, bye

More later as I continue to poke around.

UPDATE III: The orangutan in the previous update is Joop, who is mentioned in the RSS Feed and on the site.

You can send Joop a message via the site, and then a weird graphical interface will be revealed. Click around for a while and you’ll get two correspondences.

The first is from a branch of the CDC to Hanso regarding primate testing and a viral outbreak in Africa. The response refuting the CDC’s charges is penned by one of Hanso’s executive officers. Stay there long enough and you’ll see this message, written in red ink:

The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority.

UPDATE IV: Here’s the latest update from the Hanso Foundation RSS Feed:

Alvar Hanso profile updated

Alvar Hanso first made his mark during the Second World War, providing munitions to various resistance movements around Europe. After the War, Hanso became the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments for NATO.

UPDATE V: Read my latest Hanso Foundation Update.

8 thoughts on “The Hanso Foundation part 2

  1. Marcus says:

    Hugh’s phone number is in the press release when you click for more info about Hanso’s hospitals above the newsletter sign up…

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    In anticipation of tonight’s episode of Lost, “?”, and because I’m tired of updating my two previous Hanso Foundation posts [here] & [here], I’m recapping some of the clues and events relating to the Lost Experience.

  3. Robert says:

    I’m sure this is all old so sorry but I can’t find anything posted about it yet. Ok so I’m on the Hanos site poking around when the time in the upper left corner turns into the word OBEY. I click on it and it take me to a sight called subLYMONal. Six snowy TV screens apear in a circle. I click on them and evantually turn then all green a new screen appears and on is the Code: Heir Apparent. Does anyone know what the code is used for

  4. My last Hanso Foundation post (for now)…

    Tonight I’m posting my last full post solely devoted to the Lost Experience alternate reality game or the Hanso Foundation. Mine is not a solely Lost-centric blog, despite recent evidence to the contrary, especially all the Hanso-blogging I&#821…

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