How I spent my Friday night

Well, for starters, I bailed on the May APWBWGTTD event. Sorry guys. I know you drank copious amounts of beer and had a great time in my absence.

There’s always next month.

Instead, the family and I (with the accompaniment of my in-laws) went to Six Flags over Georgia for Turner Employee Night. Props to my employer for renting out the park, getting us free tickets and park money, and letting us all ride coasters until midnight.

Our favorite ride was the newest coaster, Goliath.

Wow. Just … wow!

The photo below is of our inaugural ride (I swear) and our initial reactions to such a mammoth piece of amusement machinery.

The pic is blurry because we were going so fast. And because I took a hasty snapshot of the picture we bought at the park.


Sure there were rides on the carousel with Raelyn – and an amusing/frightening/incriminating photo of her crying on one ride (which I’m hesitant to share with the internets) – and various sugary and salty treats, but Goliath took the cake.

We even had a John Hughes moment before we left the park: our fellow riders convinced the ride operators to make us the last ride of the night (at 12:14pm) with our chants of “one more time!” We even took the supervisor with us for good measure as we stayed on the coaster for two consecutive trips around the track.


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  1. Wow. That is an insanely large and long ride. I may have to make a trip out there… I was going to try and resist the pull of six flags this year, but that might be worth dodging all of the children and mullets. Wow.

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