Lost tidbits

Ok, so this is just a cheesy bulleted list post, but I’m pressed for time today and I had a long weekend.

Plus, since there’s no new Lost again until the Fall I’m depressed.

  • A question: Was the fire we saw lit by Sayid?
  • He was on the boat during the Swan station incident and there’s video evidence (though now debunked) of the smoke monster earlier in the show.

    I’m saying Sayid didn’t set the fire. He found nothing at the camp, so there was no reason to signal. Plus, he’d have stayed by the fire, not gotten back on the boat.

  • I have two cats, one named Desmond, the other named Penelope
  • True story. Had them since before Jenn and I got married.

    It took two viewings of the finale for us to realize this fact and it creeped us both out tremendously.

  • Read EW’s theory on Lost
  • And keep coming back as they explore more theories.

  • Secret LOST Memo For Season 3
  • Comedy. [Via BWE]

Watch this space for more Lost goodies.

3 thoughts on “Lost tidbits

  1. meg says:

    um, don’t want to alarm anyone, but I THINK that the hanso website’s gone. Not entirely sure, but i typred the address in and…not there. Anyone else want to cheack? This is at 12:24 am on wednesday may 31st by the way.

  2. Hunter Maxin says:

    It seems to me that everyone has missed it (or maybe I’m not looking in the right places), but there the lack of discussion on the evidence that Michael may have “the sickness” seems odd to me. He has a strange lesion on his head, and one on his hand that they highlighted at one point (in the jungle on the way to The Others right before Jack comes over to him).

    I know alot happened on the finale, but I would have thought this would garner much more talk. “The Sickness” – what it is, if its real, what “the French chick” even meant, does it lead to loss of limb, all of the implications – this is one of the least developed mysteries on the Island, but it is also clearly a recurring theme/plot point.

    So, um…right…discuss?

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