A tale of two cultures

Maybe the title of the post should be a tale of two weeks.

In this corner, we have reporting from last week indicating that the TiVo/DVR/PVR was here to stay and that networks and advertisers were becoming saavy about them.

First BoingBoing, then PVRWire. Or you could just Google around for the recent ad campaigns by Sprite and GE that speak directly to DVR-users with creative you can only truly appreciate with a TiVo-like service.

Now, this week, we have everyone and their brother suing Cablevision over their network DVR.

The difference, I suppose, is over who ultimately controls the media (you in a harddrive you own, or your cable company in a harddrive they own), but functionally they’re the same thing. Plus, the network DVR has benefits of DRM that networks should love.

So, who knows if anyone will ever truly embrace innovation and change. I can’t say it any better than General Shinseki:

If you don’t like change you’re going to like irrelevance even less

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Me? I’m watching I’M.

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