Jenn and I bought a new HDTV for our bedroom yesterday, mostly because we were covetous of her folks new set. We couldn’t get the exact same model, but we came close and the deal was good.

We’re now the proud owners of a Toshiba 26HF15.


  • Fits in our entertainment cabinet
  • 16:9 goodness
  • Working remote


  • No built-in HD tuner or Cable Card
  • No sleep/wake timer

I have a ton of other pros and cons, but they’re mostly technical. All in all, I think we’ll really like the TV once we have HD.

The problem? Charter Communications is backordered on HD boxes and HD/DVR combos (Moxi boxes). I almost want to buy a Moxi box off eBay and see if that’d work. Come to think of it, I may just call tomorrow.

Jenn, on the other hand, fancies waiting for TiVo Series 3, but I’m impatient. I want to watch and record HD now!

More updates as they occur.

3 thoughts on “New HDTV

  1. Seth, I hear Jenn… I am willing to shell out whatever it takes for a series 3 box, so long as it comes out ASAP. I hate the comcast UI (as mentioned in a bitchy post of mine), and must grit my teeth and bear it until I can get my tivo back. I miss you tivo!!!

    Congrats on the new TV… may you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine =o)

  2. I’m having a hard time deciding between CRT, LCD, and rear projection. I think I want a 42″ and I don’t want plasma because of the half-life and burn-in. The rear projections (e.g.: DLP) bug me, because the bulbs burn out once a year or so and cost a lot of money. LCD can have dead pixels. Sheesh – makes me just want to have a good old reliable CRT, except that they seem very hard to find now, especially in larger sizes.

  3. I have a 34″ Sony CRT HD set. The picture quality is outstanding. No regrets about settling for a LCD or DLP set, even at bigger screen sizes.

    Currently I have a Moxi box for HD.

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