Body by Zawodny

So I’ve been hitting the weights and playing basketball like a demon ever since the clock struck midnight, ushering in 2006.

The results? Not all bad.

Not all good either.

I look better, but I’ve only lost 5 pounds. (In reality, I’ve probably lost 10 and gained 5 in muscle).

Still, I’m never satisfied and, not wanting to go on Atkins or South Beach (or all-Yogurt or all-Oatmeal), I’ve decided to try the Hacker’s Diet a la Jeremy Zawodny.

It’s interesting to note that Jeremy and I are starting from very similar weights and at very similar ages. I can only hope for similar results if I similarly follow the diet.

Similar. Word has lost all meaning to me.


  1. Diet Tips or How To Lose Weight with a Spreadsheet and a Web Site
  2. The Diet Plan and The Three Habits
  3. The Diet Spreadsheet
  4. Diet Tips: How To Eat Less
  5. Diet Plans and Goal Setting: How Many Calories?

Updates as they occur. Potentially even a fitlog or some such widget if I ever re-design this dump.

First step, redesign my eating habits, then the blog.


3 thoughts on “Body by Zawodny

  1. I started using his spreadsheet the other day after he posted it, I have been on my same routine as last couple of months, but the spreadsheet is extremely simple and strairforward, but it will help me see what I am eating on a more regular basis (ie reviewing it every night).

  2. All diets are crap. The only real diet is improved/healthier eating habits and regular exercising – which usually means the stuff you hate.

    There are no short cuts. I am an armchair nutritionist and am here to annoy you by spouting off the truth.

    5lbs is A LOT to be proud of, so is a change in tone and muscle mass. Every routine has a plateau point, don’t get discouraged…I for one am smacking you a high 5 across the freeway.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

  3. I think Jeremy has really written a helful bit of advice. I have changed my eating, exercising, and other habits in similar ways and have lost 20lbs in six months.

    I am taking a little different approach. I am not tracking my weight by spreadsheet or weighing myself regularly. Instead I am slowly changing my daily habits to things I can definitely live with forever. All in an effort to be getting healthier without feeling like I’m on a diet. I’ve started a blog and am beginning to write down some of the changes I’ve tried (some successful, some not).

    Its a tactic that has worked for me, but everybody is different. Getting healthy with whatever tactics is the important part.

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