Five forgotten Muppets

Inspired by TV Squad’s The Five: The other Muppets.

  1. The Newsman
  2. Accident and pun-prone anchorman for the Muppet News Flash.

  3. Nigel
  4. Often overlooked conductor of the pit orchestra, but he was the host of the original pilot.

  5. Uncle Deadly
  6. The horror-themed, Vincent Price look-a-like Muppet.

  7. Pops the Doorman
  8. Really only a regular in the fifth season, he’s the male equivalent of the first season’s Hilda. Related to Beauregard and George the Janitor in the pantheon of backstage-only Muppets.

  9. Camilla the Chicken
  10. Like Lew Zealand’s fish, Gonzo’s chickens, especially Camilla, are often overlooked.

There you have it. Five forgotten/overlooked Muppets.

Happy Friday!

Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Jim Henson Company is pursuing a late-night talk show idea: Late Night Buffet.

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