Baby talk

It’s no secret that Jenn and I are thinking about (and planning for) the expansion of our family. Raelyn is especially excited about the prospect of having a younger sibling, so much so that she finds time to talk about every night during our “snuggle time” before bed.

Last night’s brilliant exchange on the naming of future Miller children:

Me: What’s a good name for a girl?
Raelyn: Seegoba! Ha Ha Ha!
Me: (over her continued giggling) What’s a good name that goes with Raelyn?
Raelyn: Um, Michelle? (her middle name)
Jenn: She doesn’t get it.
Me: How about Siobhan?
Raelyn: HA HA HA!
Jenn: Hell no.
Me: What’s a good name for a girl?
Raelyn: Zachary
Me: Zachary is a boy’s name.
Raelyn: Zachary. Ha ha ha!

So outside of nonsense and gibberish, Raelyn likes her own middle name if it’s a girl and possibly Zachary for either a boy or a girl.

Jenn, for her part, is oppossed to Siobhan, even though I like it.

Overall I think it’s clear that Raelyn is much to goofy before bedtime and that our encouragement of silliness is working. Pray she goes into something fun like stand-up comedy or accounting.

One thought on “Baby talk

  1. When my third sister was in the oven, my oldest sister was determined to name her “Lemonade.” Of course, she was only 2 so it came out, “Lemm-nade.” My old man and step-mom hadn’t decided on a name so for about 6 months of the pregnancy, everyone in the family referred to her as, “Lemm-nade.”

    True story.

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