The Sugars

Raelyn has just a few, last vestiges of pre-school mispronunciation that we’re hesitant to correct.

Our current favorite, “the sugars”, occurs every time we read The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree.

Rae is old enough and verbal enough now that we read specific parts of the book and she recites the repetitious parts from memory. It’s actually quite nice to be a little more interactive with the book reading.

The story centers around the three Berenstain bear children as they explore a haunted house. One by one they lose the items they initially held – a light, a stick and a rope – and get “the shivers” instead.

In Raelyn’s cutest, most helpful tone she exclaims: “one with a light, one with a stick and one with THE SUGARS!” She’s replaced “shivers” with “sugars” and it’s hilarious.

It’s hard to keep yourself from laughing, but we’re really trying. Hopefully we’ll get video up on YouTube soon so I can link to an actual recitation, because it’s priceless.

We like it so much, Jenn and I kid one another about being scared, just so we can say “the sugars”.

Happy Thursday

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