Muppet Babies versus Andrew McCarthy

I don’t have a lot of exposition to explain this 10-minute clip from an episode of Muppet Babies, which includes an edited dialogue between Miss Piggy and Andrew McCarthy, other than these two facts:

  1. How did they get the rights to edit the McCarthy/Piggy conversation?
  2. Was there really a crossover audience between Muppet Babies and Pretty in Pink?

I guess if you were a child of the 80’s this makes sense.

Anyone see this episode “live”?

That’s it. Enjoy.

[Via Dayna on MySpace]

One thought on “Muppet Babies versus Andrew McCarthy

  1. Angela Stark says:

    Dude…. I was just trying to find this Miss Piggy/Andrew McCarthy episode for my friend to prove that I was not crazy…. and I could not find it and your youtube link will no longer work… 🙁

    Can you help me find it?


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