Stormhoek and Screen on the Green

Last night my family and I (and some of the wonderful folks from APWBWGTTD) enjoyed a great night in Piedmont Park – watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Screen on the Green, seeing Baton Bob, and drinking free (and tasty) wine from the fine folks at Stormhoek.

What started many months ago as me being an opportunist after my first APWBWGTTD event finally came to fruition last night in the form of one of the “100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days“. With the help of the ever-chipper and always ready to help Lori Sheridan we were able to organize an informal get-together on an awesome Summer evening. Thanks, Lori!

If you’re curious, here are my thoughts on the wine we drank:

Pinotage (2005):
I’m more of a fan of heavier, woodier reds like Merlots or Cabernet Sauvignons, but my wife and I really enjoy Shiraz/Syrah.

To me the South African Pinotage has that same kind of character. One of the more refreshing red wines I’ve had.

Fruity and fresh, the two qualities Stormhoek prides themselves on.

Pinot Grigio (2005):
I didn’t take notes last night, but I wish I had. Served chilled the Pinot Grigio was crips and refreshing in the Atlanta heat. I like it but I really enjoyed the final wine.

Sauvignon blanc (2005):
Here was the best wine of the night. I was certainly hamstrung by my head cold, but even then the warmth in the front of my mouth and the taste of pears were very evident.


I’m a beer snob by trade and the complexities of beer are more evident to my tongue than those of wine, but here, Stormhoek has made straight-forward, fresh, fruity wines that everyone enjoyed.

Overall, I’d say they were unpretentious wines that just enjoyed being drunk. In that way – the unpretentiousness and the drunkenness – they are much like our group. 🙂

Big thanks to Hugh at Gaping Void and Jason at Stormhoek for helping us start off the July 4th holiday with good friends and good wine. Once it’s available in the States, I’ll be buying a bottle or two. It may even unseat Fat Bastard as the hip, funny and drinkable wine I bring with me to impress folks.

Flickr photoset here.


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