Dear Amanda Congdon,

Please come work for Turner Broadcasting. Please.

I have no ability to hire you at my network, TBS, or at CNN, but I think you’d be a perfect fit.

You’ve said in the press
that you want to work for an old media company with an eye on new media. Turner has that in spades.

CNN has a new video service, Pipeline, that would be perfect for your vlogging and they have 24 hours of news programming for you to hone your craft on TV. Plus, we’ve got great network websites and a cool gaming service, Gametap, so it’s not all television.

Sure, Comedy Central might sound nice, but they’ve already got Jon Stewart.

And MTV might have Overdrive, VH1 might have the VSPOT, but neither of them have the visionary legacy of one Ted Turner.

So come to Atlanta (or stay in New York or move to LA) and work with me. Your infectious energy and style are a perfect fit with our culture and our networks.

And, again, I’m just dreaming out loud here. I can’t really hire you and I have very little influence, but I have passed your name to some colleagues and I’m hopeful your future plans bring you to Turner.



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