Membership has its privileges

I finally joined the cool kids’ club with the addition to my wallet of a membership card for Titan Games and Comics.

Well, coolness is relative anyhow. I’m easily the coolest guy there when I visit, but that’s not exactly a prize I’d display on the mantle.

Two facts:

  1. I’ve already been getting my discount without this card.
  2. So, in essence, it’s just for show.

  3. It’s actually a “Games & Comics VIP Club” card.
  4. And here I thought it was a subscription/”pull list” card. Silly me.

membership card

Grainy photo to protect the innocent. Also the camera is shite and the card actually came in a plastic comic bag complete with backing board.


But cool.


Just be thankful I’m not clever enough to make a shitty parody script for a Mastecard “Priceless” ad and subject you to it.

That would be uncool.

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