Comic-con Envy

So Jenn could have gone to Comic-con this year had she wanted to, but we had a family vacation planned (pics on Flickr soon) and her heart wasn’t in it. I mean, she loves her job but the thought of facing the legions of fans and “others” at Comic-con seems daunting to me and I enjoy that kind of thing.

Too bad I didn’t get “dragged” to San Diego this year though. My parents were just there post-mission trip and I want to see the zoo, the water and the Comic-con.

What I missed was a Q&A with Jim Henson’s daughter, Lisa Henson, concerning Jim Henson Productions ongoing plans.

The Disney Blog
and ComingSoon have the details – most of which centers around the sequel to The Dark Crystal and the TBS show (I believe) in production (restated disclaimer: I know nothing about this show and even if I did, the views here are my own and not necessarily the views of my employer).


So, yeah, I’ve got Comic-con envy. It would be nice to go sometime.

Oh, and I just recently finished reading the Hollywood Reporter from last fall celebrating 50 years of Jim Henson Productions, so today’s post is apropos.

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