Improv Class: Week Seven

I missed Week Six because I was on vacation.

My last class was Week Five.

Week Seven was cancelled because of a malfunctioning air-conditioner (it’s friggin’ hot in August!).

Our performance is next Tuesday.

We’ve got a dress rehearsal on Monday.

Oh, and one of my partners will not be able to attend.



I just got a message that the air conditioning is broken at Dad’s Garage today. We can reschedule for next Monday, August 7 from 7-9 pm. Please let me know asap what you guys want to do…we can still have it tonight if we choose to do so. The only advantage to having it next Monday is that it’s the night before the show…

So the graduation show should showcase improvisational comedy at it’s zenith.

Come on, feel the noise: August 8, 6-9PM @ Dad’s Garage.

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