Who is Kermit Soze?

Ok, so I’m stealing this post exposing this idea to more folks via this blog, but the original idea comes from Blog Where I Publish What Is Going on in My Life or What I Think About Things.

The basic premise: rewritten lyrics to the Muppet Babies Theme Song incorporating the characters and story of The Usual Suspects.

Since I’m a fan of Muppets (and by extension, Muppet Babies) as well as The Usual Suspects (I love trick endings, Kevin Spacey and the Bryan Singer X-movies) this was right up my alley.


Usual Suspect Babies; we’ve had it with this mess
Usual Suspect Babies; this lineup is BS

McManus: When the feds bust down your door with some charges trumped up bad
Hockney: Just play their game then stare them down and tell them to fuck their dad.

Keaton: I’m going straight, guys.
McManus: Oswald was a fag
Verbal: I’m just a gimp
Fenster: Canyouhearmeintheback?

Kuyan: I just want the truth, please
Orca Fat Lady: I drink lots of grease
Hockney: And I stole the truck, so give ME the fuckin’ keys, ha!

Kuyan: Who is Keyser Soze?
Verbal: Who knows, Jose!

Keyser Soze (seen only from the knees down): The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
All: Yes, Keyser.

Usual Suspect Babies; walk into certain death.
Usual Suspect Babies; plot twist, so hold your breath!

Usual Usual Suspect Suspect
Babies Babies Babies Babies
My piss came out like snot.

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