Full Moon Fever

Busy day but we didn’t do much. Typical full moon over Oahu.

Dole Plantation in the early afternoon. Pineapple whip ice cream and a chocolate-covered slice of pineapple.

Next to Haleiwa. Walked the beach to Papa’iloa beach to see the set of Lost.

Security guard curtailed the majority of the photos, but I still have good Flickr fodder when I return. Also, better directions to the set.

On to Shark’s Cove. No sharks, no snorkeling b/c there was no swimming access’ shade or beach to speak of.

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One thought on “Full Moon Fever

  1. That sucks about the security guard. When I saw that Flickr set where those kids were goofing around with the props, I wondered if the security wasn’t about to get tightened. And, thing is, I know you’d have taken more meaningful [as far as Lost goes] pictures than their touristy shots of each other standing around.

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