Birthday Bash?

Several months ago while dreamily avoiding work and thinking about my 30th birthday (October 15 – a little less than a month away), I thought reliving one of my Freshman-year-in-college haunts, Q-Zar, would be fun.

Now I think it’s lame.

30-year-old dude trying to reclaim lost youth in a dark, smoke-filled lazer tag arena? Yeah, it blows.

So I’m throwing out some alternate plans to see what sticks.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen – all are welcome to share an opinion and get and (maybe) get an invitation:

The Short List:

  • Q-Zar – if it’s deemed economically feasible and not too blatantly desperate
  • Brewing Beer – we did this for my Dad’s last birthday and I think it’d be fun again
  • Guitar Hero – Too early for II, but never to late to rawk!
  • Bowling – Suds and rented shoes says “moving into an older demographic” to me
  • Improv – Since I took the class I thought it might be fun for a group to see a show

What obvious choice am I missing?

What did you do for your 30th?

Why should any of this matter? It’s just another year, right?

UPDATE: At the very least I should have a cool, retro Super Mario cake.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Bash?

  1. The coolness of neighbors…

    How cool is it that I live next door to a talented guy who can create his own art, take stunning pictures of New Orleans one year after Katrina and show off promotional materials that AMC rejected?
    Pretty damn cool, that’s how much.
    Oh, and he&#8…

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