Gilmore Girls: The Long Morrow

I don’t want to start a trend here a la Lost, but I couldn’t let the Season 7 premiere of Gilmore Girls pass without posting something.

This season is unique for two reasons: The CW and the departure of the Palladinos (creators/executive producers).

The Good: fast-paced dialogue, crazy Stars Hollow happenings, great Rory/Logan storyline

The Bad: Lorelai falling into Christopher’s bed and Luke realizing too late that he needed to fight for Lorelai

The Ugly: Lorelai telling Luke the truth about Chris

Honestly for a season premiere and a changing of the guard things could have gone a whole lot worse. That said, I have a feeling that things will have to get worse (i.e. – pursuing some of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s plotpoints from last season to their logical conclusions) before they get better.

Plus I’d like more Emily & Richard and Lane in the future.

Still, good job everyone. Here’s hoping Season 7 just keeps getting better.

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