Civil War Mea Culpa

Two things you should know regarding my prior reactions to Civil War #4:

  1. I’m a hypocrite
  2. I bought Civil War #4

  3. I was wrong
  4. I really enjoyed it and my previous thoughts on Civil War and comics in general were rushed, fanboy-flame and incoherent

Ok, I screwed up.

First, I listened to the internet. Bad choice.

Second, I misrepresented Marvel and how I really felt about comics in general and superhero comics specifically.

Do I think Civil War is perfect? No.

Do I think the way the characters I care about are being handled? Yes. Absolutely.

Long story short (too late, especially if you read the previous post): the registration act is the opening volley, the “Civil War” is the middle and the fallout is what really interests me. Ultimately, no matter what happens in the main Civil War title or the secondary mini-series, I care (and most existing fans would too, I imagine) in the longer-lasting consequences in the titles I read.

Could I argue with certain aspects of charecterization, pacing, structure and dialogue? Sure. I have before.

As I stated before, I’m really impressed with all my Spider and X titles and how they’re progressing despite delays and the weirdness of tie-ins, so, for me, Civil War is doing well.

Plus, #4 was better than advertised. If it truly is “Civil War”, brother against brother, rash action pushing the rational discussion beyond the pale, then of course shit is going to happen.

My only hope is that the reconstruction that takes place in the Marvel Universe doesn’t shaft one side like the reconstruction of the “New South” after the U.S. Civil War.

Mea Culpa/Rant over.

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