A tale of two halves

Congratulations, Volunteers, on your win in Athens.

The ink isn’t dry yet on the boxscore, the game isn’t truly over yet and I’m in the office typing this post.

What an excellent job of protecting Eric Ainge and executing your game plan in the second half.

Georgia came out with tons of energy and certainly made some spectacular special teams plays, but in the end the demons of inconsistent QB play came back to seal the defeat.

Three INTs, the blocked punt and no pressure on Ainge add up to not quite enough.

Right not, at this very moment, I’m looking at the spectre of 3 more losses, in order: Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech. I’m just not sure UGA could stop anything resembling a cohesive offense.

That said, I’m proud of the first half and I’m proud of the special teams and, Hell, I’m even proud of Joe T. for coming out, injury and all and playing like he did. 2 of the 3 INTs for the team were on tipped balls and, honestly, those could have gone either way. Certainly, turnovers going one team’s way has been the tale of the Richt era versus the Vols, so this result should come as no surprise.

Tennesse found a way to stay focused, execute and win. This Georgia team is still young at QB and along the Offensive line so there’s still time.

Were it not for that 4th quarter against Florida, the Volunteers would be the top 5, lone undefeated team in the SEC. Good luck going forward.

As for my Bulldogs, if they hunker down they can still do well. They showed me more spark than I thought they had. Enough for me to be truly disappointed (and not just ho-hum) about this loss. Let’s hope they take some lessons from tonight and find the heart of a champion within themselves.


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