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So the other day Greg left a comment on my Lost recap post that pointed me in the direction of Google’s search results for “Benjamin Linus”.

What you see in the sponsored areas are two potentially Lost-related viral sites (Lost Experience anyone?) – Hanso Adoptions and Mack Thompson, Attorney at Law.

Both domains are registered in Toronto, Canada but that’s not necessarily a clue to their legitimacy or meaning since the official Hanso Foundation site is registered in Copenhagen, Denmark just like the “actual” organization.

What do we know? We know that one is linked to the other – clicking the “Clients” text link at the footer of the Hanso Adoptions page leads to Mack Thompson.

We also know that Mack is suing The Hanso Foundation and HansoAir, owners of the now bankrupt Oceanic Airlines. Seems they let some employees go who might have known too much about the crash of flight 815 and the inner workings of The Hanso Foundation.

Wrongful termination indeed.

I’ve signed up for email alerts from Hanso Adoptions and I found a semi-hidden link there as well.

Only time will tell if these sites are germaine to the official story and mythology or if they’re a clever, well-bought hoax.

Either way, why would an attorney who is suing one arm of the Hanso Foundation (HansoAir) have ties to another (Hanso Adoptions)? And why are they both buying ads for the real name of Henry Gale, Benjamin Linus?

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  1. Those are some pretty shabbily designed [did I say designed?] sites there. I certainly hope that the Powers That Be aren’t getting that lazy on us. I smell a fake.

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