Lost: Further Instructions

This is going to be brief since Jenn & I had to cram 2 episodes of Project Runway into our nighttime viewing post Lost.

First, let me say that it’s nice to know that Locke, Eko and Desmond all survived the blast. Kudos!

Second, I think it was a great plot device to have Locke lose his voice. Here’s a dude who’d used to being handicapped having to once again play second fiddle to his own shortcomings. Brilliant!

Here are the notes:

  • Peyote
  • Anybody else love the delicious irony of the quasi (or full) drug use on the part of John Locke to see his visions in the “sweat house”? It wasn’t lost on Charlie. Great scene.

    Oh and how awesome is it that Locke was in with drug runners? The man is completely immune to his own hypocrisy because all he wants to do is save others and then maybe he’ll have saved himself.

  • Geronimo Jackson
  • Are they real or aren’t they? A curious little bit of Lost lore on Eddie’s t-shirt.

    Raise your hand if you think Locke kills him. Nobody?

    Point of fact: The Numbers don’t appear anywhere on his police ID. This is what I get for watching scenes a second and third time past midnight AND why I should write these posts immediately after the show and now after 2 episodes of Project Runway.

  • The Hatch
  • What manner of implosion render one man mute, another completely nude and a third in the company of a polar bear?

    I don’t know either, but apparently it’s The Swan. Cygnus that, motherfuckers!

  • Mullets
  • Boone has one, Charlie has one and Jin is working on one. Have I missed a fashion memo somewhere?

  • Polar Bears
  • Yes there were/are two. Yes, they don’t like hairspray flamethrowers. Is “polar” a little more obvious than it seems?

All in all a really curious episode.

The producers seem to really be experimenting with production techniques (stedicams) and the patience of the audience.

Plus, we got a few new Lostaways this episode.

What does it all mean, you ask? I think it means Locke is the orangutan to the island’s Clint Eastwood. You figure it out.


Oh, and drugs seem to be just dandy. Peyote, Heroin, Marijuana, the serum. Take them and you will be lead … somewhere.

And yes, I realize that Desmond has some kind of premonitions now. What can Locke and Eko do (if anything)?

Maybe Desmond is awaiting Further Instructions.

7 thoughts on “Lost: Further Instructions

  1. “Point of fact: The Numbers don’t appear anywhere on his police ID.” You cr84023ack me up!

    I was really hoping Locke shot Eddie but I’m afraid that Locke completely pussed out. But isn’t that just like Locke? Thinking he’s all full of wisdom and insight but completely and continuously swallowing every lie set before him. Sigh. Helen was right to leave ya, Johnathan.

  2. Yeah, you’re right, RSL.

    I realized after the fact that they’d switched up the order and only used SOME of the numbers.

    Damn me for waiting so long to write this post, or I might have caught it the first time.

  3. JG says:

    Hey Guys i just have a qustion.
    Remeber when Hurley and Desmond are talking about how the hatch imploded,well right after that hurley says that him jack,kate,and sawyer saw the Island shake and the purple sky but then desmond says that Locke said in his speech that he is going to save them but then hurley says that he is going to save eko then desmond says forget about.What do you think.Maybe desmond and locke had a spiritual anomaly together and he was talking to him or something,Just tell me your thoughts.TY

  4. veryfunny 2 says:

    Yeah. I’m not buying the 2 new people. This show is already stretched pretty thin with such a big cast. They can’t get everyone in now as it is. Why intro 2 new people?

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