Dr. Cox’s girlie names

Jenn and I have been watching an inordinate amount of Scrubs lately. Two episodes a night, seven days a week, sometimes more.

We’re just about through the second season (I think) and it occurs to me that Dr. Cox has called JD a ton of girls’ names. So many, in fact, Wikipedia is keeping track of them.

And while there’s a ton of good data online about the show and tons of show clips on YouTube, I’ve been unable to find the Holy Grail: A montage of Dr. Perry Cox calling JD every girls’ name he’s used, in chronological order.

Quite the feat, but I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Do this for me and, well, I’ll link to you.

I have no money, no prize, no motivation myself or I’d start cutting footage. No, all I have to offer is my undying respect, one Scrubs fan to another.

Oh, and if you’re not busy, a compilation of all the times Carla calls JD “Bambi” would be funny too. Maybe just a big, long reel of nicknames. I’m open.

Get to work!

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