Lost: Every Man For Himself

Tonight’s episode proved a little too intense for Jenn, who had to turn away at the Pulp Fiction-esque syringe scene and who deemed the entire first half “too graphic”.

All in all an episode about Sawyer, but a few questions were answered and some events came into sharper focus.

Given my recent poor track record on these recaps, I’ll be brief (too late); brevity being the soul of wit, or some such thing.

  • Numbers
  • 8 – The pacemaker/sedated bunny
    248 – Munson’s prison #
    840 – Sawyer’s prison #
    23C – The lockbox/PO Box of the money Munson embezzled

    Did I miss any?

  • Extortion
  • Ha, ha. Every man for himself.

    Con Man screws Con Man to get out of prison, only to find himself conned in the present by a group of Con MEn who compare “their” island to Alcatraz.

    Who wants to bet that Clementine in Albuquerque isn’t the daughter of James Ford?

    I’m thinking that Sawyer falls into some of the same patterns as Locke. He really should know better, based on experience and general temperment, but he still keeps fucking up/getting screwed.

  • The Sub
  • So, yeah, two islands. Didn’t see that one coming.

    Any guesses as to whether it’s just those two or if there’s an entire damn archipelago?

    Me? I think that the island chain looks like one of the numbers and/or a Dharma symbol from space, assuming you can see it.

    Which begs the question: did the Swan hatch exploding cause the radio silence/lack of connectivity referred to by Mr. Friendly? Sure seems like it. Which begs another question: if the communications are down, did The Others download their Lostie data prior to the explosion and are they TiVo’ing those cartoons Jack was watching or do they have partial connectivity?

  • Purpose
  • Jack, Sawyer and Kate must be awfully important to the plans of The Others to avoid a worse fate than a half-hearted beatdown of Sawyer by an already-injured man. Colleen is dead and it just seems to convenient.

    Was Jack meant to see Benjamin’s (?) spinal x-ray?

    Was Colleen meant to die? (I still think she and Benjamin had an affair.)

    Did The Others know Kate would choose to stay captive.

    I just have the sense that someone amongst The Others has a power similar to Desmond’s or communicates regularly with someone who does. Otherwise their moves and motivations seem almost too perfect, too scripted.

    I mean, it was fun to see Benjamin con Sawyer, but it was a little off.

  • Desmond
  • I’m guessing his newfound (?) abilities and the fact that Jack is gone, Eko is incapacitated and Locke is flaky make him a good candidate for a new leader of the Losties.

    Plus, I think his power someone links him back to Penelope in some way, or at least provides an excuse for more of their story. I hope so.

    The end of the Season 2 finale needs to be payed off soon. I want to know if Penelope can find her lover.

That’s all I wrote. Go to bed.

7 thoughts on “Lost: Every Man For Himself

  1. First, I wouldn’t expect the stuff with Penny to pay off soon. It’s long-haul stuff for the show, I’ll bet. Second, I wouldn’t be surprised if Juliet left Ben’s x-ray out for Jack to see, or to find out that Jack was singled out of the Losties because he’s a surgeon. (Or even that we was manipulated into getting on Flight 815 for more complicated reasons.) Third, the Others don’t have to care if Kate chooses to stay captive or not — she’s trapped on the island. They might just assume that they can beat her down if she gets out and is inevitably caught again.

    Also, Desmond has no powers. Instead, I offer this: He’s been to the future or otherwise out of time. His flub with Locke’s speech last week wasn’t that of a man who couldn’t make sense of his visions, it was a guy who screwed up his cover story and said too much. His bit with the lightning rod this week was him tinkering to see if he could change the outcome of events.

    Carlton Cuse has hinted several times that “time should not be taken for granted.” I suspect that the Others have information of certain people (e.g. Jack) that goes beyond the present. They did all this research on Jack and Co., maybe, because they knew they would reach the island.

    [Cue Ominous Music.]

  2. I suspect that The Others little incestuous love game has gone on too long, and that Sawyer, Kate and Jack were captured for breeding.

    I’d also venture to guess that while we’re led to believe the x-rays were Ben’s, they could also easily be Jack’s. He’s a 40 year old man.

    And yes, it was obvious in the last episode with Desmond’s slip that he’s having some premonitions he’s learning to heed. Hence his silence and the shots of him looking reflective.

    In as much as Sawyer told Munson not to trust his wife, I’d suspect he was played the same way. Not only is Clementine not his, she doesn’t exist at all (bank account ala Shawshank)

  3. Seth: It sounds like you were more than a little [isn’t that the strangest circumlocution ever?] dissatisfied with the episode. I enjoyed it a lot. I particularly liked how the jailhouse con was a given while still retaining the mystery of who the con was actually being pulled on. I also agree with you about The X-rays being left out on purpose. It feels Lost-y. [Working on my own post right now. Just got to finish the graphic.]

    Maigh: I agree that Clementine might not even exist. I originally found it really hard to believe that Sawyer just took Cassidy’s word for it but, considering that Sawyer’s entire life revolves around seeking revenge for his stunted childhood, I’ll grant him some leeway when dealing with parent-child issues. Also… Jack’s 40 years old?? Really? Surely he’s in his middle [ish] thirties.

  4. Y’all are killing me making Foxy older than me. I was just sure that everyone on Party of Five was younger than me. Maybe it would have helped if I’d ever watched the show. :/

  5. marty says:

    did anybody see michael last week…when jack was taken to help the girl out..you have to look fast, at the very begining of that scene a black man has him at gunpoint..i don’t remember seeing any black others…

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