Lost: The Cost of Living

Wow! Another Lostaway joins the invisible choir.

Plus, we get some answers and even more questions. Typical.

I’m keeping this VERY SIMPLE tonight. I have ONE UNIFYING THEME: PRIDE.

Eko is proud of his past. Proud of protecting his brother. Proud of killing. Proud of playing the hand he was dealt and coming up a winner.

But Pride is a MORTAL SIN. One of the seven deadly.

The Black smoke and the spirit of his dead brother both know this and urge him to repent, to confess, another ongoing theme.

Eko doesn’t repent. Instead Eko proudly stands steadfast and meets his maker (maybe literally in the form of either the Black Smoke or Yemi, take your pick).

Benjamin Linus is also proud. Proud enough that he (perhaps) tells Jack the truth and hopes that it still means he finds salvation.

He is the master manipulator and in a moment of weakness and vulnerability, he still thinks he can get what he wants.

He confesses his motives and his tactics, but he’s still just as proud, just as sure he’ll get what he wants.

So proud. So arrogant.

His “confession” may have fallen on deaf ears. We’ll find out next week.

Then we have Juliet. Confessing to Jack one thing in person and another thing via tape (Beta, actually, so The Others have a friend at a production house).

Which Juliet to believe? Her lips? Her tape? Neither? Both?

Either way, one is a lie and her confession only serves some ulterior motive, Ben’s desire to live (The Cost of Living) or The Others desire/pride/arrogance that they deserve a better leader.

Maybe I’m stretching, but I think it’s all about pride in the face of life obstacles. It’s living without compromise or apologies.

It’s the way of Ben and Eko.

On to some random tidbits:

  • Rolling the stone away
  • Heavy-handed, even for this show. No body to be found. Please.

  • Ben’s X-Ray
  • Mystery solved, even though Jack doesn’t like mysteries.

  • Yemi == Boone
  • Maybe it was just to draw a parallel between Locke and Eko. Maybe it was to tie the storyline back to The Pearl. Maybe their BOTH the spirit of the island.

    Whatever it is, I like it.

  • The Man with The Patch
  • Didn’t Locke know about the other monitors/TVs? Hadn’t he seen them before?

    No guesses on our pirate friend. Feel free to leave a comment.

  • Quotes
  • “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate” – Locke
    “I’m not big on mysteries” – Jack
    “I ask for no forgiveness, Father, for I have not sinned” – Eko
    “You speak to me as if I were your brother” – Yemi/Boone/The Island/Black Smoke
    “You’re/We’re Next” – Eko via Locke

The Cost of Living, indeed.

“For the wages of sin is death;
but the gift of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
Romans 6:23

“Repent now!” being the message. Let’s see who heeds.

6 thoughts on “Lost: The Cost of Living

  1. JG says:

    Well what i want to know is who do you think eko was leading that message to, locke or syiad or anyone else “You’re/We’re Next”?

  2. E says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s actually a 3/4″ machine as opposed to beta. Maybe the others are advertising folk?

    It’s also interesting to consider that Jack has also had encounters with a dead relative whose body turned up missing…

  3. I have to admit, upon hearing in the podcast a Lostie would die, as soon as those no name nobodys tagged along, I had visions of the ol Star Trek redshirt scenario… Alas not

    A very strange episode all in all

  4. “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate” – wasn’t that the line Eko spouted to Jon when they met up and the Bible Eko found had the missing part of the video reel for the Swan station?

  5. It had a missing part of the Swan orientation film, and it had a glass eye that might be a good fit for Ol’ Eye-Patch, who we met on the islands CCTV system last night.

  6. Dave & Will,

    Thanks for linking those to pieces of information together.

    I’m really falling apart this season.

    I should stop watching these episodes so late at night.


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