Hacking Democracy

I really don’t watch that much HBO anymore – despite paying out the nose for it as part of our broadband + all digital package – but maybe I should be watching more (or at least TiVo’ing more).

Jenn and I have an entire season of Big Love recorded but haven’t watched a second.

Didn’t watch Six Feet Under, not even now that it’s on Bravo.

Can’t keep up with The Sopranos because the seasons are too inconsistent.

Let’s be honest, We’ve watched some Real Sex in the past.

But their most recent documentary, Hacking Democracy, is truly excellent.

I’m linking to the full thing here on Google Video, but I’ll also post the embedded player too (if you want to wait – it’s nearly 90 minutes).

Basically, it’s a compelling look at a reluctant activist and her quest to discover the truth about electronic voting in the United States.

Frightening, sobering and maddening. This made me pound my fists so hard that I’m asking for a receipt when I leave the polls tomorrow. A receipt with a barcode and a pin that I could use at a later date to securely check my vote.

But that won’t happen. So VOTE tomorrow, Goddammit!

3 thoughts on “Hacking Democracy

  1. The “receipt” concept is great, but it introduces an easy way to buy votes. Bring me your receipt stating you voted for me, and I’ll give ya $200.

  2. Then I’m all for going back to completely non-scannable, paper ballots.

    A pure paper trail that takes forever but is completely transparent.

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