Lost : I Do

GREAT ending for the “Fall Season Finale”.

Even better hook for watching Daybreak: sneak peeks for the Winter/Spring season, which returns on February 7, 2007 with 16 straight new episodes.

So “I Do” is an episode about marriage, about love and about fidelity, but not in the strictly sexual/romantic sense. It’s about sticking with someone or something through thick and thin. It’s about honoring your vows and your committment.

Just as last week’s episode saw Eko confronting his own hubris and pride and ultimately choosing to remain constant in the face of the island, this week Kate was presented with a choice. She has run for so long in so many different ways, but she always loves and leaves, never staying, never faithful.

This week changed all of that. She was faithful to Sawyer. She proclaimed her love. She was willing to accept the consequences of her actions and martyr herself (for once) instead of others.

Problem is Jack and Sawyer both love her (Sawyer said as much, possibly meaning it) too much to let her take the fall. They’re all too damned proud!

But essentially Kate was pushed into a corner where she physically can’t run (Sawyer tells her about the 2 islands) and doesn’t want to because her feelings, this time, won’t let her.

I think this episode also showed that Jack and Sawyer are willing to become different people as well, and not always in good ways.

Jack finds a way to screw over ALL the Others by calling the bluff of both Juliet AND Ben and openly holding Ben’s life hostage. How do you like them Apples?!

Sawyer martyrs himself and may even take a bullet for Kate. Not the first time he’s played this part – he seems really bent on self sacrifice recently – but I think he has a better understanding of the meaning and power of his actions this time around. It’d be for himself and not for some grandstanding machismo.

That’s all I really have. Excellent episode.

I think it’s all about the lengths you would actually go to for the ones you loved.

You wouldn’t leave, like Kate used to, you’d stay and fight.
You wouldn’t make a fool of yourself trying to win them back, like Jack did, you’d set them free (which Jack is trying to do).
You wouldn’t make an empty gesture of money, like Sawyer did, you’d show them how you felt and perhaps lay down your life for them.

My brief observations:

  • Was Alex on the original island and somehow snuck onto Hydra island?
  • Seems like her “home” was maybe far away. And what is her connection to Ben? And what’s with the intercom?

  • John 3:05
  • Read all at once, it seems like a posthumous message from Eko to John:

    “Lift up your eyes and look North, John”

    Locke really does get the island, even if his articulation of it’s powers/mysteries is no better than all us deskbound blog-jockeys who are trying to divine the secrets.

    Still, his transformation is unlike that of the others, save maybe Desmond, who seems like he’ll play a big role in Season 3b.

  • Numbers
  • Fairly certain they were evident in the hotel room, the number Kate dialed, on Kevin’s badge and a few other places.

  • Daybreak
  • I kinda preferred the Lost Experience and all the cool new media stuff to bits and pieces dripped out on another show.

    Oh well, at least we have the official podcasts and YouTube.

Until February, but I’ll likely post sooner, RUN!

6 thoughts on “Lost : I Do

  1. Great review! I just wonder why Kate didn’t tell Jack there’s nowhere to run since they’re [supposedly] on a separate island. I personally don’t buy the second island scenario since Desmond, who sailed around the island for nearly a whole season, never mentioned it. Nor has Sayid, Jin and Sun. Surely one of these four people would have seen it while on the water. Most definitely Desmond.

  2. So you think the island us U (or at least Ω-ish) shaped?

    that would be interesting, and the ultimate mind game from Ben on Sawyer…

    I though last night’s was kinda bleah actually, it was ok, but as a “season” finale, it was lacking… The flashback was kinda boring and lacking in decent plot twists. Maybe my standards are too high nowadays

  3. marty says:

    ben told jack he would get him off the island..does this mean he will take him back to his island..that wouldn’t be a lie would it? anther thing i was thinking about. if ben can leave the island why didn’t he leave and to a hospital to have the surgery done…i don’t think they can leave.i think he is one of the original children from the first experiment

  4. E says:

    I imagine that it’s not a case of no one noticing another island. If I’m not mistaken, there were several other islands indicated on Rousseau’s map. We know that Sawyer needed to climb a mountain to see the “original” island, so it’s pretty safe to assume that any features that would indicate a settlement (the cages and work area, for example) aren’t visible from the shore. I think it’s much more likely that someone has seen the island, but not really considered that the others would actually be there…

  5. Bleh@ says:

    Well anyways, Very big disapointment for this episode, any one else agree? Aparently on a pod cast way back Carlton Cuse and Damn Lindelolf said there was going to be a “Face Melter” (Not the YTMND) witch was going to be a huge cliff hanger. They said “Its going to be what the hatch did for the show.” I surely didnt see anything like that. But oh well I geuss my expectations are to high, and they are probably running out of ideas since ABC is making the run for 3 more seasons then expected.
    Oh well, please make me feel a different way. Wright something you might have seen, or heard to justify the lapse of the “Great Cliffhanger.” Oh well GG.

  6. Suria says:

    I don’t understand, how was that not a great cliffhanger? Look what Jack did, he put all the cards in his hands. Unless the others can pull something out of their sleeves. I agree that Kate’s flashbacks weren’t as interesting as others have been in the past but we got some questions answered about her. I am never disapointed with Lost, I thought the last few minutes of the episode were great. Some questions answered and some more questions posed. Has anybody thought of why Ben was on the other island before he got captured?

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