David Copperfield

Who knew that David Copperfield and I share two names, inverted?

Turns out the Dickensian-named Copperfield is actually David Seth Kotkin. I’m Seth David Miller, for reference.

He’s also of Russian extraction.

I met him last year, you know. Actually just rode on an elevator with him and Claudia Schiffer look-a-like.

He was actually quite aloof and snotty, but I digress.

Saw his show at The Fox in Atlanta in the late 80’s (87 or 88) and have been somewhat of a fan ever since.

So the fandom minus the personal meeting plus news today that he outwitted thieves via sleight of hand brings me back to fandom/admiration.

Happy Friday!

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  1. The new “My Boys” poker game launched on TBS.com yesterday! (I would apologize for leaving an off-topic comment, except this is the “non-sequitur” category. Therefore, all molluscs are bassoons.)

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