Facial alopecia areata

Well this sucks.

It’s quite smooth (natch) but I’ve developed a spot of alopecia areata on my face just to the left of my goatee.


It’s not particularly gross per se but it is distracting and (potentially) face-altering, at least from a perception standpoint.

I likely won’t be able to grow a warm, fuzzy winter beard until my stress level drops significantly and my follicles get back to growing. Damn you work-induced stress!

Oh well, I was gonna rock the Fu Manchu post Turkey Day anyhow. Now I have an excuse.

4 thoughts on “Facial alopecia areata

  1. David says:

    I have exactly the same condition…sudden bald spot about the size of a dime on the right side of my goatee. Also, several years ago, I had two small bald spots on my neck on either side of my adam’s apple, but they eventually filled-in…I don’t recall how long it took to grow back, so I’m guessing it took 1-2 years, and then suddenly these areas grew back just as mystically as they initially went bald.

  2. Brian says:

    Yeah, I have the same thing too. It started just over a year ago as a small bald patch just under my jaw on one side. Since then that patch has grown and other patches have developed almost all from my jawline down. Now I’ve little hair beneath my jaw. There are a few very small patches elsewhere on my face too that I hope don’t spread.

    I’ve been taking photos about once a month just to track the progress of the condition – it’s quite frightening.

    Hopefully at some stage it will spontaeneously grow back as others have seen.

    I was prescribed some protopic steroid cream by the dermatologist which I’ve been using for 2 or 3 months but it doesn’t seem to have done anything at all yet – not even slowed the progress of the expanded patches.

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