I don’t need a Wii, I have a Gamecube already.

I don’t need a PS3, I have a PS2 mostly for Guitar Hero-ics.

But I’m feeling that itch, that fire, that desire to get the latest and greatest.

I could buy an Xbox 360, but I’m no Microsoft fan.

I could buy a PS3, but I could buy a Wii and an Xbox 360 for the same price.

No, I’m a Nintendo man.

It’s got wifi, it’s got the innovative controller, it’s cheap and it’ll play all my existing Gamecube games. Plus, I could buy all my old NES favorites (Tecmo Bowl, Punch Out) on broadband.

I’m ready to say “Wheeee!” for the Wii.

Santa, it’s on my list (tentatively).

Don’t believe me? Duane and Clunky Robot are local and equally smitten and they actually own the damn thing.

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