Flickr Camera Finder

Wow! Just, wow!

A few days after

  1. Posting about my Nikon D80, Flickr and Nikon Stunning Gallery
  2. Spent a good hour last weekend advising my folks to buy a Canon SD500

Flickr starts a Camera Finder section

What I like:

  1. Fun, colorful, Flickr-licious graphs
  2. Lots or good statistical data that seems almost impossibly detailed and thorough

What I don’t like:

  1. You don’t get direct access to all the photos taken/tagged by a certain camera, you just get a small sampling
  2. While I dig the fact that Flickr is heavily slanted towards DSLRs and power users, I wonder how reflective this is of the entire digital photography landscape

The last point is nitpicky, I know. It is, after all, a Flickr Camera Finder.

Anyhow, use at your own peril. It’s fascinatingly addictive.

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