What’s in a name?

Tagged by Bill’s lovely wife Alecia.

So, what’s in a name? Here’s my take on our only, precious girl.

Raelyn Michelle Miller (“Rae Rae”)
The first name, Raelyn, is one Jenn saw on TV and never forgot. We both like Raegan/Reagan but hated the President, so that was straight out.

Add to this the fact that Miller is pretty pedestrian and Raelyn was a clear winner.

Drawback: Some folks mess up the a/e order (Realyn) and still others go a little too phoenetic (Raylyn). Still, not bad for first-time parents. Go us!

Michelle is a nod to one of my favorite Beatles songs. Can you blame me?

We try to use “Rae Rae” or just “Rae” as a nickname, but the kid always refers to herself by ALL THREE NAMES and never anything foreshortened.

I’m not tagging anyone else, but this was fun. Thanks, Alecia!

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