Bunion Update

Okay, I know you’ve all been anticipating this post like it was Christmas morning, so here goes:


  • Bunion (duh) – not as bad as anticipated
  • Tendonitis of the left ankle and left (bunion) big toe
  • Bone spurs in the left mid-foot


  • Physical therapy for the tendonitis
  • Orthotic for the bunion
  • 800mg of Ibuprofen for the painful sleeping


  • Therapy should give me broader range of motion, less pain and painful sleep in my ankle
  • Orthotic should help my bunion pain, but not the shape or calcification
  • Surgery is a last resort option as it entails breaking my metatarsal (big toe), getting pins in my toe, realigning my tendon and staying off my foot for 2-3 months

All in all generally good news, but I wanted to get cut. I want the surgery and the pins. I want a better looking, fully functional toe.

The tendonitis is a good catch and the likely culprit of a good portion of my new and most annoying pain, but I want the damn bunion gone.

Time will tell. I’ll do the work (therapy) and buy the orthotic.

Watch this space.

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