Christmas Beers

Over a burger and fries last week I put my Taco Mac passport club card to good use.

Two holiday beers in one night:

Anchor Our Special Ale

The darker of the two beers I drank, the second I drank and the second in my heart.

Malty, syrupy and spicy (think aniseed and coriander, not chile peppers). Worth a pint if you want something new and different and you like “holiday” flavorings.

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

What’s not to love? Double the hops? Proprietary ale yeast? Rogue label with Santa on it?

I loved, Loved, LOVED this beer!

I’d marry the pint glass and become an ale polygamist.

If you like the Rogue line of beers, especially Saint Rogue Red, you’ll love this beer.

Creamy, blood/ruby red, hoppy and perfectly quaffable.


Merry Christmas!

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