Sunday Basement Fun

So Jenn, Rae (and Lucy, Desmond & Penelope) spent most of Sunday in the basement together. The first time by choice and the second time by circumstance.

In the morning and early afternoon we were determined to put a dent in the messy piles we’d previously considered “organized”. We’re trying to get the basement finished – actually made into livable space – before the new baby comes so we don’t have to make the dog sleep outside.

I spent an hour or so bagging and boxing comic books while Jenn went through boxes of old photos, bills and papers. All told we consolidated quite a bit of clutter and through out 4 boxes and 2 trash bags worth of crap. Go us!

After some lunch and some more cleaning, consolidation and comic book care we thought we’d seen the last of the basement until next weekend.

Then the storms rolled in. And all the local stations went to HD Doplar Radar. And the sky got dark. And the early warning alarms sounded.

We spent the next 90 minutes in the basement. Cleaning.

My folks in Newnan spent some time in their crawl space. No damage, just lots of rain.

Jenn’s folks were blissfully ignorant of the situation. It took a call from Jenn to get her Mom out of Wal-Mart and home safely.

All of us saw rain and lightning, winds and sirens but, luckily, no tornado or property damage.

We saw a ton of our basement. Thanks to our cleaning efforts we can actually “see” quite a bit more of it today.

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