Saturday’s Haul

Here’s a list of all the cool loot I got at Cost Plus World Market Saturday afternoon.

I love that place. Full of international goods, toys and especially foods, candies and potent potables.

If the first two items are any indication, I should love the beers.

While I’m on the topic, does anyone know how to move beer ratings data from to I’m thinking of jumping ship to the more popular site and I don’t want to spend a day or more on data entry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Haul

  1. Cadbury. Okay, time for me to put my knowledge of random trivia to good use. The reason why it is so difficult to find true Cadbury candy in the U.S. is because of a lack of foresight on Cadbury’s part in the 70s/80s. It was decided that the U.S. was an over-saturated market, and besides, why would a U.K. company ever really need to sell to the U.S.? Surely, the natives would buy plenty. So they sold the brandname rights to …

    Hershey. That’s right. The Creme Eggs? Hershey, really.

    But now, Cadbury wants back in. You might’ve seen that some companies are stocking Cadbury Dairy Milk. This is part of their “luxury” line, meant to be a way of doing a bit of an end-run around the Hershey competition that they actually created.

  2. Yeah, Thomas, I’m a sucker for the huge contract-produced Dairy Milk and Caramelo bars you find in Kroger.

    The stuff at Cost Plus is legit, if very expensive.

    A few British microbrews do the same think: hire American companies to produce their wares. Thankfully, none of the beer I just bought falls into that category. Gloriously Imported.

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