Today’s First Lost Post

After a long hiatus, Lost returns tonight for 16 straight weeks of original episodes leading into the Summer.

There will be a “Survival Guide” recap episode at 8pm 9pm (thanks, RSL) tonight before the new episode (at 10 *new time*). You can catch clips (the whole thing, maybe?) of the recap on the official site or visit the official podcast for juicy bits of recap and new episode goodness.

I’ll definitely be posting my episode recap later tonight, entering TV Squad’s Death Pool and (perhaps) buying some Lost goodies.

Hang in there, everybody. Just a few more hours to go.

One thought on “Today’s First Lost Post

  1. That recap thingie is on at 9 not 8. Remember Lost moved to 10 pm. Better to be early than late though. 🙂 I can’t contain my excitement. I’ve gone through three pairs of shorts.

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