Hayseed Dixie!

For whatever reason – probably because we played so much Catchphrase to the detriment of Guitar Hero I & II – I had Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” in my head this morning.

Easy. YouTube. Search. Watch.

Funny thing: lots of covers and live versions from which to chose.

My first choice? Ace Of Spades – Hayseed Dixie

I was so enamored of Hayseed Dixie and their “Rockgrass” style, I forgave the poor sap who labeled this next video Ace of Spades (Country and Western Style).

Same song, same band, same effect. I’m really loving this band at this point so I continue searching and find even more goodies.

I won’t link to/embed all the goodness I found, but suffice it to say that I’ll likely be doing a lot of downloading/iTunes purchasing this evening. They’ve even got a new album coming out this year!

I’ll leave you with one last piece of video, the Dukes of Hazzard-esque, Behind the Music remix, Hayseed Dixie – How it all started

More Hayseed Dixie (it’s an AC/DC pun) on Wikipedia for those that are interested.

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