Stinkbottom McGee

Yesterday Jenn had a level 2 ultrasound to rule out the possibility of several neural tube defects in our unborn child, whom we’ve dubbed “Stinkbottom McGee” because it makes us and Raelyn laugh. We’re thinking it’ll work as a good nickname in the future. 😉

Anyhow, Jenn had the checkup and ultrasound because a blood test/genetic screening was slightly elevated for a particular marker, so we were a little bit anxious. Luckily for us, Stinkbottom McGee was active, healthy and growing strong.

We also got to find out the sex of Stinkbottom McGee. The name is even more apropos since “it” is a “he”; we’re having a BOY!

Raelyn was quite excited when we told her yesterday. We reminded her of all of her female classmates with little brothers and she squealed with delight.

Now we’re racking our brains for boy names, which was never our strong suit. On the list of names we’d earmarked for Raelyn, more than 2/3 of the list were girls’ names and the other 1/3 were names of boys who are currently in her daycare class. Honest.

Feel free to leave a name suggestion in the comments and we’ll feel free to ignore it or make fun of you for your questionable taste and judgement.

Here’s a starter list from Dan Aykroyd’s credits monologue in She’s Having A Baby:

Slagathor… Uh, Slaggy for short

Happy naming!

6 thoughts on “Stinkbottom McGee

  1. Slagathor. That actually made me laugh out loud. I can physically hear Dr. Kelso calling that girl that. Going with the medical theme, can I suggest a last name? Crentist. Dr. Slagathor Crentist. Doctor Crentist. Oh, there goes another laugh out loud.

    Seriously though. Congratulations.

  2. My brother calls his boy Captain Underpants, or “Pants” for short.

    That said, I’d vote for working it the other way. You throw out a name and I’ll give you a % of how likely it is he’ll get his @$$ kicked for having that name. Like – Edmund – for example.

    I have first hand experience…but then I became the kicker, not the kickee.


    Congrats to you, Jenn and Rae.

  3. Happy Birthday Jenn…

    Today’s is my wife Jenn’s 30th birthday! Yay!
    She got a bouquet of flowers, ballons and candies this morning and we were planning a nice dinner at Bluepointe this evening but since Jenn can’t eat sushi (because of the pregnancy) she …

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