Separated at Birth: Gerard Butler and Clive Owen

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but I believe Gerard Butler and Clive Owen were separated at birth.

Maybe I’ve been watching the trailer/ads for 300 too many times, but a bearded (and shirtless) Gerard Butler reminds me of Clive Owen, not necessarily in Closer, but something.

They’ve got Frank Miller in common, so that says something. Maybe Butler got Owen’s part because of scheduling conflicts (pure speculation).

Anyhow, leave a comment.

The tale of the tape:

  Gerard Butler Clive Owen
  Gerard Butler Clive Owen
DOB 11/13/69 10/03/64
Nationality Scottish British
Height 6′ 2″ 6′ 2½”
Hair Brown Brown
Eyes Blue Hazel

44 thoughts on “Separated at Birth: Gerard Butler and Clive Owen

  1. Larke Bryson says:

    These are two of my favorite actors, so I’ve studied them at leisure. They may have a slight physical resemblance in still photos, but once you listen to them in interviews, you know there’s a huge difference in their personalities. Gerry Butler is volatile, entertaining and somewhat juvenile at times. Clive Owen is much more calm, grounded and emotionally mature, in my opinion. But that Gerry Butler…. damn, he has charisma that goes on for days.

  2. fab says:

    No no no!! Clive is way too hot to be compared to GB. LOL I admit they are basically the same height, but still… (and I’m not dissing on you by any stretch of the imagination, just had enough of the GB hype lately. lol)

  3. JD Calliss says:

    Sorry Clive fans,, Gerard is sexier..I am sure Clive has his good points..but I see Gerard making the big leagues after his role as Leonidas…

  4. Elizabeth Allman says:

    Oh MY GOD!
    Get your glasses fixed! Clive sexier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous Besides he’s more broody unlike sweet Gerry!
    I have nothing against him(Fantastic in CLOSER) But cmon! Gerry is absolutely the most beautiful and sexies t man in the world ,wheras Clive is hansome and sexy.
    He just does’not have that”inner glow”” Gerry has! Gerry’s thousands of fans(and hisMum)would agree Love you Gerry Like you Clive
    Bess allman (gbessforever)

  5. Jamie Cason-VanLuven says:

    GERRY ALL THE WAY!!. This man is JUST too Irresistible….. I enjoy Clive and his Movies. BUT DESIRE Gerry all the way! He OOZES SEX APPEAL ! and he’s NAUGHTY in a good way! After 300 Get ready for Gerry SUPERSTAR Status.

  6. arion says:

    Clive who? Gerry is funny and silly and masculine and sweet and real and without pretense. Maybe juvenile is not the word — I prefer passionate about all he does and willing to talk at length and unguarded about his feelings. Did I mention enthisiastic?

  7. Mashka says:

    I’m all for Gerry. I like Clive a whole lot and loved his King Arthur (even if no one else did) but wow, something about Gerry….

    …and by the by, Gerry’s eyes are green

  8. I had NO idea this post would generate such fervor on the part of Butler and Owen fans/detractors.

    Thank you, sincerely, for making my day more fun!

  9. Lizzie says:

    Clive Owen is NOT up to Gerry’s standards…Clive has big, blunt features like a punch0drunk prize fighter…Gerard is a classically handsome man! Clive’s feataures are irregular…and Gerard’s eyess are SOOOOOO beautiful….clive has a lower class accent; Gerard has a Scottish brogue with a law degree behind his intelligence. I’ve seen Clive on talk ashows: dull; Gerry is adorable, self-defacing, funny, charismatic , and never dull. Here’s to People’s Sexiest MAn of 2007!

  10. Patreetz says:

    I love them both, though Gerry is in the lead at the moment. I think that if you give GB a few years he will mature into the type of sexy that Clive exudes…but why change, though he is starting to age very nicely. Clive is quiet, and brooding….not handsome but definitely sexy.
    They definitely do NOT look alike…in the looks department Gerry definitely has it. Clive has the sexier voice for sure. For both of them, the eyes have it.
    Let’s not also forget that GB hasn’t gone under the knife (yet), so that’s a point for him.

  11. Tekla says:

    I’m definitely in the Clive camp on this one. The eyes, the voice, sexy as hell and an awesome actor. I’ve been in love/lust with him for sometime. Gerry’s definitely got the body over Clive but he just doesn’t do it for me. Nice eye candy, that’s about it.

  12. GLESGA WUMMIN says:


  13. Jo says:

    Gerry is the most beautiful man to grace the face of the earth.

    I couldn’t give a toss about Clive Owen.

    That would indicate a notable difference in their appearance from my perspective.

  14. Zora says:

    They are both absolutely GORGEOUS. In my opinion, the two hottest actors ever. I’d rather have one of them than Brad Pitt anyday- plus- the accents! I agree though that Gerard has a better sense of humor, and his scottish accent is sexier. He’s a bit hotter as well.

  15. Yuck, I don’t agree with that at all. For a start Clive Owen can’t act his way out of the location catering marquee, compared to the fabulous and genuinely talented Gerard Butler!!! Thats why I set up my website devoted to all things wondrous ala gerard that his fans can get their mits on at Come and have a look!

  16. Guinevere says:

    No flipping way ! I fancy them both, but they don’t look like each other.. they do both have gorgeously green eyes though. I agree that Gerard is the far superior actor, I’ve only seen Clive in King Arthur and he was like a kid in a school play.. bloody sexy though ! Temperament and personality wise Clive seems much more grounded and a nice bloke.. Butler is a bit of a loose cannon !

  17. Ruth says:

    I cannot tell them apart; I googled them both and they look so much alike. I love them both as actors; Timelinie is one of my favorites and Clive is just a good actor

  18. Rosie says:

    Umm, Clive and Gerry separated at birth? No way. Gerry is just ten times sexier and oozes sex appeal. Not to mention he has a damn sexy Scottish accent. Clive is so-so…..But to each their own I guess

  19. jeeeessa says:

    no dice!
    Clive is way hotter! C’mon! I mean Gerard is very good looking, but Clive has that classy look. I mean Clive Owen is the kind of man who looks good with the clean or rough look, Gerard only looks good with the rough. Clive totally wins!

  20. jeeeessa says:

    Oh and I much prefer Clive Owen’s acting as well. Many of you have only seen King Arthur, however Children of Men was a great film, and Clive rocked it. I think Gerard relies on the fact of his accent and the fact that he knows he is hot way too much.
    Clive Owen wins!

  21. Rhonda says:

    There is absolutely no comparison between Clive Owen and Gerard Butler. None what so ever. Clive is a nice looking man and a talented actor, but MY OH MY, I’d give my right pinkie for a taste of Gerard Butler!!!

  22. Roxane says:

    In my opinion, I think that they both have the same styles and taste in fashion menswear. I myself can’t resist the way they dress. I mean, take a look at Gerard, the way he wears the toxidos ohhhh… takes my breath and same with Clive. I think what makes me interested in Clive is his voice, you can hear the sexiness in him and power(apparently). I love them both basically. They are both handsome, sexy, smart dressed and the best actors I’ve ever known in my life.

  23. Gabs says:

    HELLLOOOO!!!!! has anyone seen PS i Love you??? GB is way hotter. omg- and that accent–super sexy- would sweep me off my feet anyday- oh and the green eyes in the movie (even if they were contacts)

  24. Meesha says:

    Gerard Is a million times hotter,and manlyer,and SO funny.I LOVE how he looks in a leather jacket.and that accent is as sexy as it gets ten time sexyer that Clives.Gerry’s a ton better actor to.And Gerry looks good in the rough and clean look.Gerry and clive look NOTHING alike !!!!!!

  25. kelly says:

    Gerry wins hands down no contest. I can’t name one thing i’ve seen Clive in, but Gerry, PS I Love you, Phantom of the Opera, 300, Dear Frankie, Miracle Match and One Last Kiss are my favourites.. He is brilliant in all of them, and pulls of the rough/clean looks in his movies effortlessley, I dont know what that other womans been looking at. Clive is handsome yes, but Gerry is in a league of his own. I challenge any woman to sit all the way through Phantom of the opera and not be taken with his sweet face in the ends scenes, gets me everytime. I have just watched his new movie PS I Love you, and blubbered throughout!! Takes a special man to have this sort of effect on a woman, and clive just dosent have it.

  26. Sylvia says:

    I just came out of cinema. I`ve seen the new film (in Germany) of Gerard. Wow. What a man. Clive Owen was my favorite before. They both have something mytical and beatiful eyes. Gerard in action is better then his pictures.

  27. Rebecca says:

    i love both <3 they are both so sexy;) love clive in beyond boarders and king arthur wooooooooo smokin;) adn live gerard in 300 ummmm so hot, the abs woo! got to love it and alson loved ya in ps i love you omg the best movie ever! i love u in it 😉 so i cant choose i love both of ya’s equal!!!! 😉


  29. Separated at Birth: Aaron Eckhart & Thomas Jane…

    Every time Deep Blue Sea airs on TV, I think of both of these two actors. Their voices are even similar enough that, were it not for the presence of the chin dimple and some longer hair, they’d be the same guy.
    Take a look:

    Aaron Eckhart…

  30. john says:

    haha… u know wat people.. me and my gf was switching the channels on t.v
    and so happen they were playing the movie shoot em up. she said the actor was
    gerard butler. and i said it is not him. we actually bet on it. and the bet was
    to spend on dinner the next day if whoever is wrong. we checked on it, and it was
    clive owen. so i won.. hehehhe… but i must admit, both of them look alike, especially
    how they talk.

  31. Snp436 says:

    I would want all of you to check out the Indian actor Imran Khan. I feel he bears more resemblance to Gerard Butler than Clive Owens.

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