Lost: Exposé

Sorry I’m late tonight/this morning. Bills, house sale and WoW ate up some of my time.

On to the recap/thoughts on Lost: Exposé, one of the most disturbing episodes I can remember.

  • Exposé
  • I never watched Alias, but there are no shortage of fans around. I love the JJ Abrams reference and Nikki as Sidney Bristow.

    Bonus points for stunt-casting Billy Dee Williams.

  • Sex == Death
  • Given their tempustuous relationship, I wonder if sandy coitus was ever achieved on the island, but the relationship between sex and death continues on Lost island!

  • Numbers
  • 8 million dollars. 84 & 48 days ago. Sure I missed a few others.

  • Parade of the living dead
  • I, for one, am thankful for NEW Arzt material and the HORRIBLE Shannon and Boone wigs.

    Also, buried alive is one thing, but I don’t think Nikki and Paolo stay in the ground either literally or figuratively for long. Something tells me there is more to their story yet to be told.

    Who else caught on about the spiders around about the time Vincent pulled the blanket away? Yeah, us too. The open eyes were a dead giveaway (pardon the pun).

  • Artful foreshadowing
  • Paraphrase: “Let’s never end up like them” – Nikki (re: Boone and Shannon) who also ended up bickering and, later, dead.

    Plus, the best example, Nikki’s charter on Exposé dying before her character appeared to die on the beach. The line (paraphrased again) “maybe you’ll be back next season” was especially funny.

    I LOVE shows within shows!

  • Continuity
  • I’m glad to see all the touchpoints for Nikki and Paolo explained away nicely, especially their appearance(s) in The Pearl station and their relationship to Ethan and Arzt.

    Again, I can’t help but think that we’re missing some vital parts to this story. Was Paolo’s encounter with Ben and Juliet at The Pearl his only contact with The Others save for Ethan? Something tells me not. How else to explain Nikki’s enthusiasm to be “included” unless she knew about something in advance?

    Maybe there’s a connection between Mikhail and those Russian nested dolls?

That’s all I’ve got tonight. Go to bed!

And for all you Nikki/Paolo haters, are you happy now? Leave a comment, Stephanie!

3 thoughts on “Lost: Exposé

  1. Man were you REALLY up ’til one this morning posting? Wow, I simultaneously admire your commitment and think you should be committed. Working from home [where I can bust out some Lost studies in the middle of the day and just work longer in the evening] really has its advantages.

    Anyhow, I’m sure there’s a lot of Other-related stuff from this one that’s going to reappear [not just that walkie]. Heck, given that this episode completely redefined previous “throwaway” moments from other episodes I’d fuckin’ guarantee it. I’ve got lots of questions about Ethan’s speech to the two of them as well as that whole walkie business.

    Big question though is does Nikki stay in the ground or, as Locke said, does nothing really stay buried for long?

  2. I forget to mention the fact that there are a lot of manuscripts, scripts and “sides” on the island. Not to mention books and magazines that Sawyer reads.

    Are we sure Ethan didn’t leave an “Others” manual somewhere? Or did Henry leave some paperwork in The Pearl?

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