I don’t know whether it was a recent Kottke post about the Esperanto/Horror/Shatner flick Incubus or the Incubus song on the radio this morning, but I came into work with Incubus on my mind.

Whatever the case may be, I got to thinking about the lyrics of band Incubus’ current hit song, Anna-Molly, which the lead singer Brandon Boyd pronounces like “anomaly”. Supposedly it’s a pun or something, but I’m convinced Boyd has spelling/pronunciation issues.

On one of their previous songs, Pardon Me, he pronounces the word “anonymous” as “anomynous”, inverting the second “n” and the “m”. It sounds like Uh Nom Ih Nuss and, subsequently, like nails on a chalkboard.

As those who read this blog regularly know, I don’t much care for mispronunciation.

Maybe Boyd et al in Incubus need to utilize the Internet Access CAPTCHAs system before penning their next tune.

Or maybe it’s just kismet that Incubus the band and Incubus the film both speak in tongues.

Happy Thursday!

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