Cake “War Pigs” – Sock Puppets

Via email on Friday I got the following solicitation:

Check out our new video for the Cake “War Pigs” contest!
Rocking Sock Puppets!!!

I won’t bore you with all the back-and-forth, but the gist is one of the creators of the video – who just happens to work for an ad/marketing firm – sent me the link.

I think it’s great, whether or not it’s an outright ploy for increased views of this video specifically or the Cake “War Pigs” video contest generally.

Here’s the video – Cake “War Pigs” – Sock Puppets – for your approval:

Anyhow, I really liked the video regardless of whether or not my meager traffic is being used to sway votes. Which it really can’t be since the band is doing the voting and my traffic sucks.

What I’m trying to say is, “Thanks, David, for sending the link.”

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