Tuesday Muppet News

I’m a regular subscriber to the RSS feed of one Muppet News Flash and, I’ll be honest, for my money it’s the best Muppet-related blog on the internet.

As some of you know, the origins of this blog (the name, at least) owe equal parts to my love of Muppets as to my love of drink. My wife conceived the URL at a party as something quirky/funny that we thought might never get used.

Well, it’s been a rousing success. Sunday was this blog’s 5th anniversary and I show no signs of stopping, though I do slow down on occasion.

So here a few links, found on Muppet News Flash, that I thought I’d shared.

First, we have Jim Hill’s deconstruction of the first three years of the Disney-run Muppet Holding Company/Muppet Studios LLC. Not quite as rosy as I and many other fans would like, but still some steps are better than none.

Then MNF breaks down Kermit and the 2008 Ford Escape. Good stuff.

So this is my post stating there are better Muppet blogs out there so read them too (in addition to me).

I’ll keep chugging along with my family stuff, the Lost recaps and general mayhem and hilarity. Stay tuned.

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  1. Muppet-riffic videos…

    I realize that I’ve gone to the Muppet well once already this week, but I’ve had some videos forwarded to me in the past few days that bear inclusion here.
    There are two movie trailer mash-ups and one piece of Muppet history, a hilarious cl…

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